Our Story

Sarah Rooney, BS, CFCP
Certified FertilityCare Practitioner & Holistic Fertility Coach

Sarah found FertilityCare when engaged and looking for a natural fertility awareness method to help with family planning, but also to understand what was going on with her crazy cycles and PMS!  With her engineering background, the solid science behind FertilityCare and NaProTechnology was a great fit.

​As a user of the FertilityCare system for almost 10 years, she has been helped with infertility, postpartum depression/anxiety, secondary infertility, PCOS, irregular cycles, continuous mucus, hormone imbalances, and PMS.  She learned so much and received so much help through the method, that she had to share it.  She became a FertilityCare Practitioner in 2011 and has been honored to help so many women and couples with their own fertility and health journeys. All the reproductive issues she has faced have helped her become a better Practitioner as well.

Sarah’s infertility journey took her to needing to balance her hormones, as well as progesterone support throughout her pregnancies. Now she is the mom of two little ones, miracles thanks to understanding the root causes of what was going on, and finding natural solutions.  She is excited to share her passion for women's health care and she loves being able to help women and families advocate for their health.

Next Steps...

​Learning FertilityCare is an investment in your health and your family.

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